Labour general secretary Jennie Formby rebukes Tom Watson in letter to Labour MPs, 01.03.19 – Leaked letter from Formby rebukes Watson from trying to intervene in the party’s disciplinary procedures.

Labour MPs are lobbying for a free vote on a second referendum, 27.02.19 – Labour MPs sceptical of offering a second referendum are calling on the leadership to offer a free vote on the issue.

Labour selects just six BME candidates across 99 seats, 26.02.19 – Anger as ethnic minority candidates who contested for Labour in 2017 are replaced with white candidates.


Local elections 2019: trouble for the Tories in Peterborough, 01.05.19 – The Conservatives are expected to lose their wafer-thin majority – but could they also surrender control of the council after two decades?

Local elections 2019: Labour’s march on Trafford, 23.04.19 –Labour is now on course to win overall control of this flagship Tory council in Greater Manchester.

The arrest of Julian Assange has sparked a domestic political row, 12.04.19 – Morning Call email: Assange’s arrest sparks an internal argument within the Labour parliamentary party.

Local elections 2019: Bedford’s three-party contest will be a Brexit bellwether, 10.04.19 – In a town where parties are minded to work together, the result will depend on who voters want to punish for the Brexit chaos.

The Conservatives’ class of 2022: who they are and what they think, 22.03.19 – The next slate of Tory MPs are committed Brexiteers who would back May’s deal – but aren’t fussed about crashing out of the EU.

Labour’s class of 2022: who are they are and what they think, 07.03.19 – The next crop of Labour MPs are largely, but not wholly, Corbynites—and they’re nervous about a second referendum.




EMA looks to firm up Amsterdam escape route, 21.02.2019 – The European Medicines Agency is preparing to sign a contract that allows it to leave Amsterdam whenever it wants in case the Netherlands decides to leave the EU.




Unite and Momentum candidates dominate Labour’s selection races, 05.01.2019 — More than one-third of the 96 candidates selected to contest marginals for Labour were backed by Momentum, and nearly half were backed by Unite.

University alerts students to danger of leftwing essay, 11.11.2018 — An essay by a prominent leftwing academic is flagged by the University of Reading under the government’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Northern MPs tell Labour: change your mind on HS2, 27.10.2018 — Labour’s leadership is under pressure to reconsider its support for the £56bn HS2 high-speed rail link, amid concern among northern MPs it does not address their areas’ economic needs.




Concern over aid money used for research, 30.05.2018 — the government’s decision to spend a sizeable chunk of the foreign aid budget on UK-led research projects is being heavily reviewed.

Academics to take control of copyright, 03.05.2018 — as many as 20 universities are ready to adopt an open-access policy that would allow researchers to retain important rights to their work, despite opposition from publishers.

Nursery queues cause despair, 18.04.2018 — academics at top universities are waiting for up to two years for a place for their children at their institution’s nurseries.

Drug firms eye move to Holland, 22.03.2018 — more than 200 companies in sectors including the life sciences are in discussions over relocating to the Netherlands because of Brexit.

Universities failing to disclose slavery risks (free web version), 19.02.2018 — more than half of UK universities are not explaining what they are doing to prevent modern slavery in their supply chains, which for most of them is a legal duty.

UCL academics resist expansion, 14.02.2018 — an external member of UCL’s council resigns six months before his term is due to end; multiple sources say he had concerns about the university’s £483 million expansion in Stratford.

UN science board axed, 28.09.2017 — the United Nations quietly shuts down its highest scientific advisory board.



Drug regulator slammed over 25-year lease, 26.01.2017 — the European Medicines Agency signed a no-break contract for its building in London even as Brexit was a possibility, which could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions. Later covered by the Financial Times and Politico.



State of flux, 25.05.2017 — the changing face of European Union citizenship and what it might mean for scientists: the view from the State of the Union conference in Florence.

Frozen out, 23.03.2017 — why universities in Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus are stuck in a political twilight zone.

Star wars, 23.02.2017 — opposition to using European space technology for military purposes is fading.

Priced out, 26.01.2017 — how tropical diseases that aren’t poised for eradication are neglected by global agencies.



The Leave vote was more pro-sovereignty than anti-immigration, despite the narrative. Let’s redefine the debate, 08.02.2017 — shortlisted for publication in the Financial Times Future of Britain Project

No, the SNP isn’t planning a ‘republican insurrection’. Here’s why, 24.06.2015 in Spectator Coffee House